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Donna T-Shirts : X-Bionic Invent Summerlight Donna Short Sleeve T-Shirt - AW16 58652425

Product Details
ULTIMATE SKINTELLIGENCE. Warm weather and sporting activity can threaten the body with overheating. Power loss is the result. Because 90% of the heat regulation in humans is through the skin. INVENT SUMMERLIGHT counteracts the risk of overheating. INVENT SUMMERLIGHT has been created by the X-BIONIC® developers specifi cally for use in the warm summer months. Worn next to the skin it exerts its air-conditioning effect according to the intensity of the movement. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold.

X-Bionic Invent Summerlight Short Sleeve Running T-Shirt

MACROSPHERE™ System On The Chest And Back
The amply sized MacroSphere system on the chest and the back provides for cooling without the risk of chilling. Cools when you sweat, and warms when you're cold.
AirConditioning Channel® With ZERO-Insulation
Physiological studies have shown that the chest area is one of the optimal zones for swift and effective ventilation. The Zero-Insulation zones function like valves as part of the AirConditioning channels.
Enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter. This is how the optimized ISO-Pads retain more body heat, which is necessary to guarantee internal organ function and protect body parts which are vulnerable to cooling.
Air Guides
Work like spacers and borders along the Air-Conditioning Channel® for effective air circulation.
Traps perspiration before you start to feel it. Sweat is wicked away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics. A film of perspiration - too thin to be noticeable - is left behind to cool the skin.
Proprioreceptors are sensory receptors found in joints and muscles. They control your position and the movement of your body in space. Neuromuscular reaction time of the stabilizing musculature is improved with the lightest touch of the ribbed structures on these spots. This actively ensures the balance and stability of your entire body.
Fitting Ribs
Finely detailed ribbing provide for optimal fit of the underwear. With the ribbed structure and its material, the shirt fits closely against the body without constricting movement. This optimizes the functionality of the climate zones and guarantees a perfect fit.
MacroSphere System
- Provides cooling without the risk of chill.
Air Conditioning Channel
- Functions like valves to keep the wearer cool.
- Targets key body areas with insulation to retain ideal body temperature.
Air Guides
- For effective air circulation.
- Traps sweat before you feel it and moves it away from the skin so it can be evaporated easily.
- Actively ensures the balance and stability of yourbody.
Fitting Ribs
- Provides optimal fit.
Self-Adjusting Cuff
- Keeps the shirt from slipping up or constricting.
Manufacturer product code
- XBII020296B014

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