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Donna Trail/Fell : Mizuno Wave Hayate 2 Donna Trail Running Scarpe - SS16 50131628

Product Details
Run wild, run surefooted, run confident, optimum trail security and performance guaranteed via the specifically engineered Xta Ride and Concave Wave. The Donna Mizuno Wave Hayate 2 lightweight trail Scarpe.
Mizuno Wave Technology

Inspired by nature, Wave is a unique midsole technology that delivery both cushioning and stability. The unique shape of Mizuno Wave dissipates impact forces away from the foot yielding a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.
Constructed with an AIRmesh upper, air is able to permeate the exterior providing a cooler, more comfortable internal environment. Supplemented with the innovation XtaRide technical trail concept, the Scarpe posses the ability to adapt to their surrounding and work in perfect consonance with the body.
Supporting the aforementioned Wave technology implanted within the midsole, ap+ offers superb rebound and cushioning durability inducing new realms of comfort. Concave Wave integrated into the midsole serves as an advanced structural support mechanism that dampens the impact forces received over uneven ground. Its unique design protects the foot whilst facilitating a smooth heel to toe transition with each stride.
Durability and traction combine with equal aplomb, equating to an extremely durable carbon rubber allowing for longer wear in high impact areas. Additionally, more traction at heel strike ensues, granting the wearer a greater purchase underfoot on differing terrains. Supplementing X10 technology, Wet Traction breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions.

Mizuno Wave Technology
- Redirects impact forces away from the foot, whilst also offering superb cushioning and stability.
- Allows the foot to breathe and stay comfortable throughout your run.
- Demonstrates how the Scarpe can adapt to its surrounding increasing proprioception.
- Offers rebound and cushioning durability culminating in a high level of comfort.
- Yields the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno, allowing for a longer wear and more traction at heel strike.
Wet Traction
- Bi-Directional outsole rubber combined with synthetic leather compound, incorporated to improve grip in all conditions.
Manufacturer product code
- MIZJ1GK157205

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