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Donna Road : Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 Donna Running Scarpe - AW16 37905035

Product Details
Adidas Donna Adizero Boston Boost 6
Pull on the new Adidas adizero Boston Boost 6 Donna Running Scarpe and you'll already be well on your way to qualifying. The series' sixth instalment features a new knit mesh upper, along with a boost midsole and a Continental rubber outsole. The Donna Boston Boost 6 is a versatile, lightweight trainer-racer that provides just enough cushioning for a marathon yet the lightness of a racing flat.
Updated Upper
The new Boston Boost 6 features an updated upper. Constructed from knitted mesh, the Boston Boost 6 offers a whole new level of comfort and breathability. The knit mesh moulds to the shape of your foot for a glove-like, personalised fit; it is also extremely flexible, and therefore expands and contracts with every movement your feet make throughout the gait cycle, which reduces the chance of you getting blisters, no matter how far you run. The new knit mesh upper also provides exceptional breathability. The increased amount of mesh results in a greater volume of air being able to pass in and out of the Scarpe, which keeps the Scarpe's internal climate cooler and more comfortable for your feet.
The Boston Boost 6 may have an extremely comfortable, breathable new upper, but adidas have not neglected to provide support to the runner. Synthetic overlays have been included, and help to wrap the foot to lock it in place and reduce unnecessary movement during the gait cycle. The overlays also help to maintain the Scarpe's structure, and therefore ensure that your new Boston Boosts last you for longer.
boost Midsole
The Boston Boost 6's midsole features adidas' revolutionary boost midsole technology. boost capsules are extremely lightweight and compressible to offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption; however, they also offer support as when fused together they do not compress fully. The result is a highly cushioned, supportive and lightweight midsole. boost technology's main magic comes from its energy returning properties. As the Boostâ„¢ particles compress they temporarily store your body's kinetic energy; when the boost particles expand again, they release this energy and help to supercharge your run. Consequently the boost technology helps to minimise the energy lost during the gait cycle, which will take your performance to a whole new level: you will run with an extra spring in your step, reduce the strain placed on your muscles, and be able to run for longer. The midsole also includes a TORSION System, which provides greater midfoot integrity, and ensures independent movement of the rear and forefoot sections while maintaining stability.
Continental Rubber Outsole
Continental Rubber is deployed in the outsole, which delivers 21% more traction in dry conditions and 23% more traction in wet conditions, and is much more durable than standard outsole rubbers - it is the same rubber that features on car tyres! What does this mean for your run? You will feel more stable, regardless of the conditions, and consequently you will be more confident and able to perform to the best of your ability. The blown rubber outsole helps to promote an efficient stride while boosting cushioning. The non-slip lining helps to improve comfort levels as well as allowing you to attain a higher level of performance.

***UPDATE*** New Knit Mesh Upper
- Highly breathable; moulds to the shape of your foot for enhanced, lightweight comfort.
Boost Midsole
- Provides exceptional cushioning and energy return.
- For midfoot integrity, ensuring independent movement of the rear and fore foot whilst still maintaining stability.
adiWEAR Outsole
- For maximum durability in high wear areas as well as for perfect grip and lightweight durability.
- Provides you with an enhanced fit and better performance. It adapts to the ground to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable run possible.
Non-Slip Lining
- For added comfort and greater level of performance.
Synthetic Overlays
- For added support and secures the foot tightly into the Scarpe.
Blown Rubber
- Located on the outsole promote an efficient stride while boosting cushioning.
MiCoach Compatible
- This Scarpe is compatible with the Adidas MiCoach sensor, helping you keep track of your statistics such as distance, speed and calories and much more.
Continental Rubber Outsole
- For superb grip, more durable and longer lasting mileage.
Drop: 10mm.
- 29mm
- 19mm
Weight: 216g.
Manufacturer product code
- ADIAQ5992

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